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This Woman Got Pregnant After Years Of Trying. But The Scan Revealed More Than She Bargained For

Jamie and Skyper Scott try to conceive more than FIVE years but were failed and were starting to give up to dream of having kids, when Jamie finally fell pregnant they were happy. but they still don’t know a great surprise is coming.

Skyler and His wife Jamie Live in St George, Utah, they got married since 2004 but they wasted time to begin starting a family. after FIVE days of celebrating their wedding, Jamie and Skyler greeted their headmost little boy named Shayden.

After FIVE years, Jamie and Her husband welcomed their second child, Named Landon. The couple felt that their family was not definitely completed. a little years after Landon was born they try to conceive once more again, but this time it wouldn’t prove easy.

Five years passed without Jamie falling pregnant. As time went on, she and Skyler began to fear that they might never become parents again. And that was a bitter pill for both of them to swallow, but it seemed to hit Jamie particularly hard.

Revealing his other half’s anguish, in January 2018 Skyler told People magazine, “It was really challenging to watch your wife go through that. Seeing something that means so much to Jamie and not having success with it and not seeing the results of all our praying, that was really, really hard to go through.”

But the couple refused to give up on the thing they wanted most of all – a bigger family. So, after five years of trying in vain, the couple decided to consult a fertility experts. On their advice, the Scotts opted to try artificial insemination.



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