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Adorable Pit Bull Puppy Dumped At Shelter Because Of His Imperfections

This is the sad story turned happy ending of one Pit Bull puppy, whose owners had dropped him off at the shelter for one upsetting reason they came up with. They had supposedly informed the staff that they would not care even if he got euthanized by them. Born blind in one eye and with some other physical imperfections, the puppy had been cruelly and heartlessly discarded by his former owners because he was not normal and healthy like a ‘normal’ puppy should be. However, one animal rescue organization is determined to find him a loving home that he deserved. The puppy was named Captain Morgan, and was left at a rural high-kill shelter located in Lee County, North Carolina.

He was merely a few weeks old when he was dumped – all because he was blind in one eye and had a half-formed ear. Other that those two traits he lacked, the puppy was healthy and friendly. Yet, his former owners did not want to give him a chance to live.

It was when Nicole Horabik, foster coordinator at Cause for Paws, spotted an adoption post for the Captain Morgan written by the staff at Lee County Animal Services – he had gotten her immediate attention. She knew that she had to rescue him no matter what it took.

She later shared the 8-week-old puppy’s story via her Facebook account. Captain Morgan was pictured along with a sign that read: “I was thrown away because I wasn’t perfect”. The post went viral very quickly, with many animal lovers offering to help him out!

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Captain Morgan was also diagnosed with a slight under bite as well as a herniated belly, but was otherwise in good health. The young puppy gets along really well with her other dogs while under her care. They too, are dogs with special needs – and they served as the perfect mentors for the pup.

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