Some people’s treatment of their pets is simply incomprehensible. Every day animals are abused, neglected, and left to die. That said, for every pet abuser out there, there are twice as many compassionate people willing to help an animal in need.

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue is a nonprofit in Bulgaria dedicated to saving street dogs. One day, workers got a call, and though the shelter was full, they simply couldn’t ignore it…

Workers at the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue received a tip about a puppy that had been chained to a trailer without any food or water for ten days.

Strangers had attempted to bring the puppy food, but his owners would run off anyone who came near, saying the dog was suffering from a contagious disease.

When rescuers got there, they found a severely dehydrated and starved pup with deformed front legs and a bad cough.

When they broke him free, he was eager to follow.

Rudozem took him in, and though they had no room in the main part of the shelter, they managed to get him his own crate.

Workers decided to call the little guy “Duke.”

The veterinarian on staff determined that Duke was only about 10 months old.

The vet also did an examination to figure out just what was wrong with Duke’s legs.

Rather, as a very young pup he had suffered blunt force trauma to his legs.

It would take a number of painful operations to heal the poor guy, but because he was young the medical staff was confident they’d be successful.

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The vets got to work right away, and they began by breaking and resetting his bones.

Duke had full casts on both of his front legs.

Duke’s vets hoped a few weeks in the casts would get his bones and muscles positioned to grow normally.

During the process, workers said that Duke was always “good as gold,” and just “waiting patiently for it all to be over.”

After two weeks, he went in for a follow-up examination of his legs. The rescue workers hoped for the best…

The veterinary staff could tell right away that Duke’s overall health had greatly improved in that short amount of time.

Then, they removed his casts in order to examine his legs.

The casts had worked! His legs were healing just as they’d hoped.


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