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Senior Cat Thrown Out Of House Walks Until He Can’t Take Another Step

Some cats are abandoned long before they’re actually turned out on the streets.
According to a post by Animal Advocates Rescue Society, Ozzie’s owner gave up on him while he still had a roof over his head. Although he lived in the house, the cat was a portrait of neglect — mostly skin, bones, rotten teeth, and pieces of a broken heart.
He was a homeless cat who, at least physically, had a home. That is, until his owner decided to take that away from him, too.

At some point, the 15-year-old was left on the streets of North Vancouver, British Columbia to fend for himself, Animal Advocates Society notes.

But Ozzie’s fur was so matted, every step was painful. Eventually, he just curled up under a porch. That’s where rescuers found him.

“It was so tight between his legs that walking was painful for poor Ozzie,” the group notes in a Facebook post. “Who knows how far the poor old boy struggled to walk until he gave up and huddled on that porch?”

“We found out that Ozzie had been missing only a few days, meaning he had reached this state while in his owner’s ‘care,’” the group adds. “His owner hadn’t bothered to try to find him.”

And then, maybe for the first time in his life, Ozzie took center stage.

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