You know the old song “This Old Man” with the chorus that goes: “Nik-Nak paddywhack give a dog a bone”? Well, here’s a story about a dog named Nik-Nak who is certainly worthy of said bone.

Look at him—he’s so cute! What a good boy!

Nik-Nak wasn’t always this content, though. In fact, he’s had to endure some really tough times. Nik-Nak’s old owner left him at a local vet’s office with the expectation that he would be euthanized. Why? Because he was old, “too ugly,” and “too difficult.” In actuality, the only thing ugly about Nik-Nak were the sores all over its face, created at the hands of his abusive owner.

The first step towards recovery was giving Nik-Nak a bath, something that he’d probably never had before. A group of veterinarians made sure to not only wash his fur but to treat his paws as well, giving Nik-Nak a full manicure and pedicure.

He was then picked up by Kam Nurock of Sidewalk Specials (a foster-based dog rescue in South Africa), whose job it was to take care of him until he was ready to move to a new home.

However, Nik-Nak never ended up moving out. Nurock grew so attached to him that she just couldn’t give him up.

Nik-Nak has gone through a lot of changes since then. He’s been in and out of the “cone of shame” (neighbor kids called him “space dog” since he looked like an astronaut) and most of his wounds have healed. Still, perhaps the biggest change is this dog’s name. No longer called Nik-Nak, this dog is called Newman—named after the character from Seinfeld.

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Newman loves his new life. He is free to play all the time, he does doggy yoga, and he hangs out with Nurock on the beach.

video by Sidewalk Specials


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